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Riverhawk HSIG Tensioning System for GE Turbines

Riverhawk Company is well known as an engineered solutions provider. We have been challenged over the years to develop solutions across many industries: Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Industrial and more. General Electric challenged us to upgrade our tooling and develop a safer solution. The GE legacy tooling manufactured by Riverhawk for the GE Frame 6, 7 and 9 is commonly identified with the yellow guard surrounding the tool. The newly designed tooling, known…

Engineered Studs, Nuts & Bolts

Engineered Studs, Nuts & Bolts Riverhawk manufactures a line of engineered studs, nuts & bolts that are designed for accurate, precise and repeatable performance. Save on time thanks to their ease of removal as they do not gall like standard hardware. The nut is a Whitlock, patented design that keeps the threads from binding during removal and installation. The money savings is realized from not having to machine out studs that have the nuts stuck…

Casing Alignment Pin (CAP)

The Casing Alignment Pin is designed to reduce assembly time while increasing safety when dealing with misaligned casing bolt holes, performing the function of casing dowels. Conventional bolt alignment methods consist of bolt torque sequencing or hammering studs which is time consuming and could possibly lead to damaged components. Casing Alignment Pin Features The Casing Alignment Pin solves the need for bolt torque sequencing or hammering studs by using a two-piece alignment system which consists…

Tensioned Hardware

Tensioned Hardware Riverhawk Company specializes in hydraulically tensioned hardware – studs, bolts and nuts – which enable the fasteners in any mechanical joint to be loaded in a controlled and safe manner. We have the ability to offer these in standard form or custom design them to fit your specific application. Riverhawk designs its hardware for both new applications and retrofit replacements for conventional hardware and they are reusable. Our products are commonly used in…

Radial Fit Bolt – Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts

Radial Fit Bolt – Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts Designed to replace standard coupling bolts, Riverhawk’s Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts (Radial Fit Bolt) reduces installation and operational problems created by the use of old style coupling bolts. During installation of traditional bolts, the required tight tolerance fit insertion into the bolt hole will sometimes cause damage to both the bolt and hole. This can cause galling of both parts thus hampering removal and extending down times….

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