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Stick-Slip in Long Shaft Systems

Stick-slip is a phenomenon that occurs in mechanical systems where resistance to motion is due mostly to coulomb type friction. Coulomb friction is characterized by resistance that is one value when contacting surfaces are stationary relative to one another and lower when they are sliding. The threshold between static and dynamic friction forms a discontinuity which leads to a sharp change in resistance across a narrow change in relative speed. This effect can lead to…

Torsional Vibration Just Got Easier

Each year we exhibit at the Texas A&M Turbo Pump Symposia in Houston. It’s a great way for us to meet face to face with our customers but also a way to meet new faces.  This year was especially exciting for us as we were asked to present at the beginning of Discussion Group T17: Torsional Vibration and Monitoring. The timing couldn’t have been better as we recently developed a new torque monitoring system that…

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