Hydraulic External Tensioner (HET)

Hydraulic External Tensioner

Our Hydraulic External Tensioner series is a lightweight, compact and versatile line. Our Hydraulic External Tensioner operates at a maximum pressure of 21,750 psi and utilizes high strength alloy steel components for long lasting performance.

The HET is the standard tensioning solution for applications where the bolted joint has a minimum of one stud diameter thread length exposed above the nut. This tensioner is a modular design which provides the widest range of flexibility possible. Different stud sizes can be accommodated by simply changing the puller screw, bridge, and socket while utilizing the same load cell. The load cell is provided with either one or two quick connect nipples to allow fast and easy connections. Whether simply connecting to the oil supply or connecting multiple tensioners in series, our tensioner is fast and user friendly. The external surface of the load cell is knurled to allow for easy handling. Large tensioners (exceeding 50 lbs) included eye bolts for safe lifting points.

Aside from the standard catalog product, we can customize any Hydraulic External Tensioner to better fit your application. Some examples of modifications include but are not limited to special fittings, special bridges, and spanner sockets for 12-pt nuts. Beyond small modifications, a completely custom tensioner can also be designed to tailor to your specific needs.

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Hydraulic External Tensioner Overview

  • Modular Design Provides Flexibility
  • Accurate and Repeatable Stud Loading
  • Faster and Easier Flange Closure
  • Standard and Custom Designs
  • Optional Spring Return

Download the  Hydraulic External Tensioner Data Sheet

In addition to the Hydraulic External Tensioner, we also provide:

To learn more about our Hydraulic External Tensioner contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project needs.

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