Riverhawk Product Spotlight – Hydraulic Hub Installation Kits

For many years Riverhawk, has provided hydraulic hub installation kits. These kits include but are not limited to: hydraulic pushers, pullers, pump kits and fittings. In conjunction with the installation kits, Riverhawk manufactures gauge sets and lapping tool sets used to check and correct the taper surfaces on shafts and their mating parts. Our history of applications range in shaft sizes from 1.75” up to 12”. Each application is reviewed by engineering, where standard or custom tooling is selected and designed for ease of installation or removal.

Although our designs are intended for proficiency, our number one concern is always safety. Hydraulic pushers and pullers are designed with a pressure rating calculated using thread engagement and overall tool profile with a marginal factor of safety.

Recently we received a request for a pusher solution that could install multiple thrust disks and couplings on a single shaft, that being at different horizontal positions. Each application was reviewed and a single pusher with multiple custom extensions was designed. This tool met the requirements needed and also helped with an easy installation.

For more information on our hydraulic hub installation kits, please give engineer Jon William a call at 315-768-4855 or e-mail us at engineering@riverhawk.com

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  1. Joe Reyes on January 12, 2016 at 1:33 pm said:

    Good Morning, trying to come up with a fool proof way to prevent incorrect hook up of hoses when removing or installing couplings using hydraulic pushers. I was thinking maybe color coded hoses or maybe different type fittings between high and low pressure hookups. Any ideas? I am located in the Houston, Texas area. Would like to work with a local vendor. I can be contacted on the numbers listed

    Joe Reyes
    ExxonMobil, Baytown, Texas
    office 281-834-4427
    Cell 832-431-6802

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