Hydraulic Clamp Ring

Hydraulic Clamp Ring

In high power density applications, it is the total overhung moment that impacts rotor dynamics. The Hydraulic Clamp Ring is infinitely adjustable with slip-fit components and provides ultra-secure clamping of shaft elements while allowing a reduction in shaft diameter, design and shorter interfaces. These factors translate into reduced overall overhung moment. Keys and splines produce stress concentrations in machine shafts. Tapered shaft ends and bores are expensive to produce and require special tooling. Our hardware allows designs using straight, cylindrical, slip fit surfaces eliminating stress concentrations and reducing costs. The high squeeze capability of this hardware translates into smaller shafting requirements. Smaller shafts translate into smaller bearing requirements reducing overall cost and increase design flexibility.

Hydraulic Clamp Ring Overview

  • Eliminates keys, splines and tapered shaft ends
  • Slip-fit components for keyless connections
  • Excellent solution for repair of damaged shaft ends
  • Hydraulically applied clamp pressure for high torque capacity
  • Allows for the use of smaller diameter shafts
  • Reduces overhung moment
  • Custom designs to fit your envelope and shaft ends
  • Patented design


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