Hydraulic Pushers – Hub Installation Tools

Hydraulic Pushers Hub Installation Tools

Riverhawk has developed a full line of hydraulic pushers piston/cylinders to accommodate any shaft end and coupling hub configuration. Our pushers are specifically designed for each application to accommodate your shaft end with full stroke capability to meet your specifications. The pushers are delivered completely assembled with all seals and fittisngs to match your installation equipment and leak tested to ensure against leaks.

Hub Installation Tools Overview

  • Designed and constructed to match any machine shaft end/coupling hub.
  • Full stroke accommodates full pull-up specification.
  • Hardened Alloy Steel for durability and repeated use.
  • Assemblies are leak tested to ensure against leaks at installation.
  • Delivered completely assembled with necessary Seals and Fittings.

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We offer standard and custom-designed hydraulic coupling installation equipment options, including:

To learn more about Riverhawk’s Hub Installation Tools contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project needs.

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