Dynamic Torque Meter System | RDT2100 DTM

Torque Meter System

Torque Meter System

Blade failures are a real and natural problem. They usually occur due to excessive vibration which leads to the formation of “fatigue” cracks in the blades. Having the ability to monitor these vibrations can be helpful in preventing unnecessary outages. Monitoring can allow for proactive measurements and prevent the sudden outages that occur all too frequently. To assist in monitoring for these problems we’ve developed the Dynamic Torque Meter System RDT2100, a dynamic torque metering system that allows customers to capture their torsional vibration during start up, steady state and transient conditions. With our Dynamic Torque Meter System RDT2100, the ability to monitor instantaneous dynamic torque values, peak-to-peak torque, capture positive peak torque or capture negative peak torque is now available.

If you’re currently using a Riverhawk Digital Torque Meter, simply replace your control room monitor with the new Dynamic Torque Meter System RDT2100 to unlock the dynamic features; there’s no need for an entirely new system. Additionally, the RDT2100 DTM is basically plug-n-play, therefore a shutdown of equipment isn’t necessary for installation.

If you don’t already have the Digital Torque Meter installed, but would like to increase your control in monitoring for the types of issues noted above, give us a call. We can assist you with a design that best fits your unique configuration or application, beginning with the coupling.

Dynamic Torque Meter RDT2100 DTM Features

  • Works with most available couplings on the market with minor modifications
  • Full on board redundancy, two independent systems
  • Industry grade product, designed for continuous operation
    • Robust, using superior strain gauge technology
  • Ability to measure torque at zero RPM’s up to full speed
  • Suitable for measuring start up torques, mean torque and steady state torsional vibrations
  • Frequency response is DC to 1,000HZ
  • Existing Torque Meter Systems easily upgraded
    • No shut down required

Dynamic Torque Meter System Specifications

Dynamic Torque Meter

Dynamic Torque Meter

Download the  Dynamic Torque Meter Data Sheet

View our Dynamic Torque Meter Presentation on YouTube.

For more information about our Dynamic Torque Meter System please contact a member of our team.

Dynamic Torque Meter System RDT2100 DTM

Dynamic Torque Meter System RDT2100 DTM

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