Torsional Vibration Just Got Easier

Each year we exhibit at the Texas A&M Turbo Pump Symposia in Houston. It’s a great way for us to meet face to face with our customers but also a way to meet new faces.  This year was especially exciting for us as we were asked to present at the beginning of Discussion Group T17: Torsional Vibration and Monitoring.

The timing couldn’t have been better as we recently developed a new torque monitoring system that the industry has been asking for, the Dynamic Torque Meter.  Gary Wileczka, Principal Engineering Program Manager for our Instrumentation Product Line, was the presenter for the Torsional Vibration Discussion group. Our torque monitoring system is capable of capturing torque vibration at startup, steady state and transient conditions. With our Dynamic Torque Meter users now have the ability to monitor instantaneous dynamic torque values, peak-to-peak torque, capture positive peak torque or capture negative peak torque.

As many of our users were unable to attend the Turbo Pump Symposia 2016 we have re-recorded the presentation  and made it available on YouTube.  Please contact Riverhawk to discuss your application and if the Dynamic Torque Meter may be of interest to you.

— Written by Shaun LaPolla

Torsional Vibration

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